Spinal Elements to Feature the Karma® Fixation System at Upcoming 36th Meeting of the North American Spine Society

Carlsbad, CA, September 22, 2021 – Spinal Elements, a spine technology company, today announced that the Karma Fixation System will be featured at the upcoming 36th Meeting of the North American Spine Society at the Boston Convention and Exhibit Center on September 29th through October 1 st, 2021.

The Karma system consists of a high-performance polymer fixation device used to stabilize the lumbar spine as an adjunct to fusion procedures. It is designed to engage some of the strongest bony elements of the posterior lumbar spine. Given its polymer construction, the device is radiolucent with the exception of a blended contrast medium that provides for a ghosted image to be seen radiographically. Otherwise, the device does not interfere with postoperative imaging.

The Karma device may be surgically implanted through minimally invasive surgical techniques, and its extremely low device profile compares favorably to other larger metal posterior fixation devices. The system is part of Spinal Elements’ MIS Ultra™ suite of products that are intended to address the unintended consequences of spine surgery.

Jason Blain, CEO of Spinal Elements, stated, “We are excited to share this technology that we believe surgeons and patients alike will be interested to see as an alternative to metal posterior spinal fixation. As more procedures are done in surgery centers and on an outpatient basis, we think Karma’s unique characteristics and minimal instrumentation required for surgical implantation will make it an attractive solution.”

Keywords Karma, Posterior fixation, Lumbar spine, Pedicle screw, Cortical fixation